Rails 4.2 support status update as of Jan 27, 2015

First of all, thank you for having interests with Oracle enhanced adapter Rails 4.2 support. As you are already aware of it, Rails 4.2.0 has been released on Dec 19 2014. Unfortunately we are not ready to release Oracle enhanced adapter with Rails 4.2 support.

Here is the current status of Oracle enhanced adapter Rails 4.2 support status.

  • When Oracle enhanced adapter supports Rails 4.2?

Release 1.6.0 will be released once ActiveRecord unit tests and Oracle enhanced adapter unit tests passed, except for known issues because of Oracle database restrictions.

Please try following things if you want to support it.

  • Try rails42 branch with your applications

If you have any canditate to upgrade Rails 4.2, please add this line to your Gemfile and run your test suites.

gem 'activerecord-oracle_enhanced-adapter', github: 'rsim/oracle-enhanced', branch: 'rails42'

If you find issues by upgrading the Gemfile, please report it to http://github.com/rsim/oracle-enhanced/issues . Test cases to reproduce your failures will definitely be helpful. Also If you just want to comment without test cases post comments the forum.

If you have a x64 box which runs VirtualBox and Vagrant, would you test Execute Oracle enhanced adapter unit tests with Rails 4.2 and Execute ActiveRecord 4.2 unit tests.

If you are interested in fixing it, plese open pull requests to rails42 branch.