ActiveRecord topics in RubyConf 2016

I have been to my first RubyConf in Cincinnati, OH. I'd like to share two ActiveRecord topics there.

  • ActiveRecord JDBC Adapter

JRuby Everywhere! Server, Client, and Embedded
They announced ActiveRecord JDBC Adapter reboot. Removing a lot of duplicate code with ActiveRecord, focusing on supporting 3 major databases - SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Yes. reboot also includes dropping Oracle database support.

I agree with their decision and would like to support users who need to migrate from AR JDBC to Oracle enhanced adapter.

  • Oracle Enhanced adapter 1.7.6

Attending a conference is also a good chance to meet with great developers. This time I was lucky enough to have a chance to talk with Sean Grifin who is contributing ActiveRecord. Thanks to his advice I was able to release Oracle enhanced adapter 1.7.6, supporting boolean attribute for any varchar2 column length.