Running ActiveRecord on Oracle 12c CDB architecture

According to Database Upgrade Guide, we may need to migrate to CDB(Container Database) Architecture.

8.1.1 Deprecation of Non-CDB Architecture
The non-CDB architecture is deprecated in Oracle Database 12c, and may be desupported and unavailable in a release after Oracle Database 12c Release 2. Oracle recommends use of the CDB architecture.

I have migrated my Oracle enhanced adapter development and test environment to Oracle Database 12c CDB architecture.

From ActiveRecord connection adapter point of view, each PDB(Pluggable Database) is ActiveRecord's "database". Most of Rails applications should work. Here are some changes need addressed at Oracle enhanced adapter:

In short, ORACLE_SID is associated with each CDB. Each Rails application needs to connect to PDB using SERVICE_NAME.

I'm going to migrate rails-dev-box to Oracle 12c CDB architecture also. Will update this blog when it is ready to public.