rails-dev-box supports Oracle 12c on Docker

rails-dev-box (runs_oracle branch) is one of the good development and test environments for Oracle enhanced adapter. However, there are some problems need addressed:

Today rails-dev-box (runs_oracle_on_docker branch) is available.

Enhancements are below:

  • Running Oracle Database Enterprise Edition 12c R1

  • Created on (almost) the plain vanilla rails-dev-box

  • Oracle Database is running on Docker on Vagrant guest

Thanks to Oracle Database on Docker, users no need to execute runInstaller to install Oracle database.

Interested? Please read How To Build The Virtual Machine and give it a try.

Please note: Due to ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: OCIError: ORA-12801: error signaled in parallel query server P000, Oracle enhanced adapter requires "COMBO OF OJVM COMPONENT DBPSU + DBPSU (OCT2016)", which requires support contract with Oracle.